A set of curated cortical models at multiple scales on Open Source Brain

TitleA set of curated cortical models at multiple scales on Open Source Brain
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGleeson, P., Marin B., Sadeh S., Quintana A., Cantarelli M., Dura-Bernal S., Lytton W. W., Davison A., & R. Silver A.
Conference NameComputational Neuroscience Meeting (CNS 16')
Keywords2016, BMC, BMC Neuroscience 2016, CNS

Computational models of spiking cortical networks are implemented using a variety of approaches from large scale models with simplified point neurons and anatomically inspired connectivity, to networks on smaller scales with morphologically and biophysically detailed neurons. In between these scales many published models have used intermediate representations of neurons (e.g. conductance based with one compartment or abstract morphologies). These studies, and the associated modelling scripts, provide many potential starting points for experimental and theoretical neuroscientists wishing to use biologically constrained cortical models in their investigations. In addition, there are an increasing number of public neuroinformatics resources which are providing structured experimental data on the electrophysiology, connectivity and morphology of cortical neurons. While these modelling and experimental resources should lead to a proliferation in well constrained cortical models there remain a number of practical and technical barriers to more widespread development and use of such models among researchers.