Awarded NSF XSEDE HPC Research Allocations

The Neurosim lab has been awarded an NSF XSEDE HPC Research Allocation. The awarded resources include 2.9M hours on XSEDE supercomputers (Comet and Stampede2) and 2TB storage, with an estimated value of $143,694.84. The project is titled "Cortical dynamics in a multiscale model of primary motor cortex", and has William Lytton WW as PI, Salvador Dura-Bernal as co-PI, and Donald Doherty as Allocation Manager. Further details can be found below:

PI: William Lytton, SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn
Request: Cortical dynamics in a multiscale model of primary motor cortex
Request Number: IBN160014 Renewal
Start Date: 2018-04-01
End Date: 2019-03-31
Awarded Resources: SDSC Dell Cluster with Intel Haswell Processors (Comet): 2,660,525.0 SUs
SDSC Medium-term disk storage (Data Oasis): 1,000.0 GB
TACC Dell/Intel Knights Landing, Skylake System (Stampede2): 199,919.0 Node Hours
TACC Long-term tape Archival Storage (Ranch): 1,000.0 GB

The estimated value of these awarded resources is $143,694.84. The allocation of these resources represents a considerable investment by the NSF in advanced computing infrastructure for U.S. The dollar value of your allocation is estimated from the NSF awards supporting the allocated resources.