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Doherty, D.. W., Dura-Bernal S.., & Lytton W.. W. (2019).  Computer models of mouse area M1 show avalanches for full model and subcircuits defined by layer or cell type. Society for Neuroscience 2019 (SFN '19).
Kelley, C.., Dura-Bernal S.., Neymotin S.., & Lytton W.. W. (2019).  Dendritic resonance in a detailed model of pyramidal tract neuron of mouse primary motor cortex. Society for Neuroscience 2019 (SFN '19).
Newton, A.. J. H., Conte C.., Eggleston L.., Blasy E.., Hines M.. L., Lytton W.. W., et al. (2019).  Efficient in silico 3D intracellular neuron simulation. Society for Neuroscience 2019 (SFN '19).
Newton, A. J. H., Hines M. L., Lytton W. W., & McDougal R. A. (2019).  Homeostasis and spreading depolarization in multiscale simulation of ischemic stroke.. Society for Neuroscience 2018 (SFN '19).
Graham, J.. W., Gao P.. P., Dura-Bernal S.., Sivagnanam S.., Hines M.. L., Antic S.. D., et al. (2019).  Modeling network effects of dendritic plateau potentials in cortical pyramidal neurons. Society for Neuroscience 2019 (SFN '19).
Dura-Bernal, S.., Neymotin S.. A., Suter B.. A., Kelley C.., Tekin R.., Shepherd G.. M., et al. (2019).  Response to simultaneous long-range inputs and oscillatory inputs in a multiscale model of M1 microcircuits. Society for Neuroscience 2019 (SFN '19).
Neymotin, S.. A., Barczak A.., Oconnell M.. N., Mcginnis T.., Markowitz N.., Espinal E.., et al. (2019).  Tracking rhythmicity of neural oscillations in the auditory thalamocortical system. Society for Neuroscience 2019 (SFN '19).
Mcdougal, R. A., Newton A., Hines M. L., & Lytton WW. (2018).  Building, simulating, and visualizing reaction-diffusion models with NEURON's enhanced rxd module. Society for Neuroscience 2018 (SFN '18).
Graham, J. W., Angulo S., Gao P. P., Dura-Bernal S., Sivagnanam S., Hines M.., et al. (2018).  Embedded ensemble encoding: A hypothesis for reconciling cortical coding strategies. Society for Neuroscience 2018 (SFN '18).
Doherty, D. W., Dura-Bernal S., Neymotin S. A., & Lytton WW. (2018).  Identifying avalanches in simulated mouse primary motor cortex (M1). Society for Neuroscience 2018 (SFN '18).
Lytton, WW. (2018).  Multiscale modeling of brain disease. Society for Neuroscience 2018 (SFN '18).
Newton, A., Seidenstein A. H., Hines M. L., Mcdougal R. A., & Lytton WW. (2018).  Multiscale simulation of spreading depolarization in ischemic stroke. Society for Neuroscience 2018 (SFN '18).
Dura-Bernal, S., Suter B. A., Quintana A., Cantarelli M., Gleeson P., Rodriguez F., et al. (2018).  NetPyNE: A GUI-based tool to build, simulate and analyze large-scale, data-driven network models in parallel NEURON. Society for Neuroscience 2018 (SFN '18).
Gao, P. P., Graham J. W., Angulo S. L., Dura-Bernal S., Hines M. L., Lytton WW., et al. (2018).  Recruitment of neurons into neural ensembles based on dendritic plateau potentials. Society for Neuroscience 2018 (SFN '18).
Bernard, C. (2018).  Understanding epilepsy across spatial and time scales. Society for Neuroscience 2018 (SFN '18).
Angulo, S., Graham J. W., Gao P., Dura-Bernal S., Neymotin S. A., Antic S. D., et al. (2017).  Cortical ensembles based on dendritic plateau generation in the prefrontal cortex. Society for Neuroscience 2017 (SFN '17).
Gao, P., Graham J. W., Angulo S., Dura-Bernal S., Lytton WW., & Antic S. D. (2017).  Dendritic plateau generation model in cortical pyramidal neurons: A link to cortical ensembles. Society for Neuroscience 2017 (SFN '17).
Dura-Bernal, S., Neymotin S. A., Suter B. A., Shepherd G. M., & Lytton WW. (2017).  Long-range inputs and H-current regulate different modes of operation in a multiscale model of mouse M1 microcircuits. Society for Neuroscience 2017 (SFN '17).
Newton, A., Mcdougal R. A., Hines M. L., Miyazaki K., Ross W. N., & Lytton WW. (2017).  Modeling electrodiffusion with the NEURON reaction-diffusion module. Society for Neuroscience 2017 (SFN '17).
Seidenstein, A., Newton A., Macdougal R. A., & Lytton WW. (2017).  Multiscale computer modeling of penumbral zones in brain ischemia. Society for Neuroscience 2017 (SFN '17).
Mcdougal, R. A., Newton A. J. H., Patoary M. N. I., Tropper C., Hines M. L., & Lytton WW. (2017).  Parallel stochastic spines in NEURON reaction-diffusion simulations. Society for Neuroscience 2017 (SFN '17).
Lytton, WW., Knox A., & Rosenthal J. J. C. (2017).  Site-directed mRNA editing of sodium channels has potential to alter neuronal firing and network dynamics: Computer models. Society for Neuroscience 2017 (SFN '17).